We offer two types of investment consulting services: a one-off Investment Health Check and an ongoing service to build, monitor and review your investment strategy



Investment policy review
Portfolio risk analysis
Governance review
Internal roles and responsibilities
Management information


Asset class evaluation
Investment objective setting
Asset allocation models
Risk management, stress and scenario testing
Benchmark analysis and construction
Tactical execution planning and allocation
Asset manager evaluation, hiring and termination
Mandate construction
Contract and fee negotiation
Periodic review and reporting
Transition management
Trustee/director training


Insurance governance
Portfolio advisory
Solvency II compliance
Structure creation and asset bulking


Specialist transaction services are available on demand, from one-off transactions to improving on-going corporate treasury functions


Tailored research programmes
Product/fund development
Asset class and benchmark evaluation
Personalised benchmark construction
Risk and asymmetric risk analysis

No-obligation health check to locate areas needing improvement

All businesses have a tendency to drift away from plan on occasions. In much the same way as a medical check -up looks for risks associated with your physical health, an investment health check looks for risks in investment policy and portfolio holdings. By reviewing the critical components of a portfolio and policy details held within an Investment Policy Statement, we will highlight potential dangers and areas where the fund could improve returns and lower risk overall.


Full investment consulting services

Malaczynski Burn will undertake one-off projects such as the health check above, through to a full investment consulting service that helps you research markets and assets, define objectives, create asset models and strategies to achieve those objectives within certain risk parameters and then monitor what you have created on an on-going basis.


To help clients make better investment decisions we have a wide range of educational programmes designed to improve knowledge levels of staff, trustees and directors.


Regardless of which service you take, it all boils down to risk management

Malaczynski Burn uses the latest risk systems to ensure that clients fully understand the day-to-day risks in their portfolios and potential losses in those worst-case scenarios. We regularly stress-test and scenario-test our clients’ portfolios to identify crisis impact and portfolio issues in a wide variety of situations.